Course: 7 Powerful Steps to open your Pineal Gland


7 Powerful Steps to open your Pineal Gland

Dive into the depths of your inner being by Opening Your Third Eye

Learn all about the third eye and the pineal gland in this course! Open it and activate it in only 7 steps and discover new ways to live your life!

What can you expect in this course?

  • 7 video lessons
  • Background Theoretical Knowledge
  • Practical exercises
  • Concrete instructions


Through my time in India, during which I was able to gain special experiences for more than 10 years and especially to study the Indian teachings, I have accumulated great knowledge that I want to share with you!

It is time that we all recognize and awaken our inner abilities!

I accompany you in 7 videos on the path of awakening! 

Activate your pineal gland and your third eye, and take profit of this activation in your everyday life!

These benefits await you through an activated pineal gland:

  • Empathy
  • Intuition
  • See visions
  • Clairvoyance
  • better visualization
  • better concentration
  • better memory performance 
  • Clear dreams become possible
  • improved knowledge of human nature 
  • expanded awareness of your inner and outer self 
  • a better understanding of your dreams
  • Astral journeys or out-of-body experiences become easier

And these are the contents of the different lessons that await you in this course:

I recommend to watch the 7 videos step by step, as they are based on each other.

1. What is the Pineal Gland? – Understand and activate the Power of your Third-Eye

  • What is the third eye?
  • What is the pineal gland?
  • Why is it so important for you to have both activated?
  • How are they in relation to each other and what is their function?

2. The Signs of an activated Pineal Gland – Discover them and increase your Consciousness

  • What are the signs of an activated pineal gland?
  • How do you deal with these signs?
  • What is the best way to deal with them in the beginning?


3. Get Visions in your Third-Eye – How to detox the Pineal Gland effectively

  • What is the best way to deal with an activated third eye?
  • Do’s and Don’ts – my suggestions, for a clear mind.
  • Learn about the most effective detox methods.


4. Meditation and Mantra – Very effective techniques to open your Third-Eye quickly

  • Learn techniques for activation with meditation
  • Discover Mantra Chanting for further activation
  • Get a secret Mantra for powerful and quick activation


5. Powerful Visualization – Learn how to train your Third-Eye

  • Get to know how you can train your Third-Eye function 
  • Learn a special exercise called “Zero-Point Visualization”
  • Discover and practice deep meditation


6. Messages in Dreams – How to understand the messages, the soul is sending you

  • Understand your dreams 
  • Learn what your soul wants to tell you
  • Explore and experience lucid dreams


7. Special secrets for men and women: easy tips for you to implement

  • The energetic differences between men and women
  • Learn how to find balance as a man or woman


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