Free webinar:

How to Activate Your Pineal Gland – To Get Visions in Your Third-Eye

Are you longing for true spiritual experiences?
Then this free webinar is just right for you!

  • What are the signs of spiritual awakening?
  • How do you activate your heart chakra and your third-eye?
  • What does the pineal gland have to do with the third-eye?

How exactly do you activate your third-eye and making conscious experiences of lucid dreams, astral journeys, and expanded states of consciousness?
How do you perceive signs of the universe and what is the difference between visions, clairvoyant abilities, sudden insights, and inspirations?

I have been leading darkness retreats for many years and I experience daily intensive energies there, and high-energy experiences with the souls that I may accompany and also with myself.
I was able to make special experiences in India, where I was led to highly energetic places of power and initiated into very special spiritual teachings. In this webinar, I will give you some insights into these experiences and take you with me into a mystical world.

Ask your questions live in the webinar and/or send me your questions in advance to the following e-mail address:

The webinar takes place on Zoom. Download Zoom free of charge for your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Register here for this special webinar, there are three dates:

Thursday, 15th October at 5 PM EDT (USA, New York), 8 AM AEDT (Australia, Canberra), 11 PM CET (Germany)

Friday, 16th October at 5 PM BST (UK), 12 PM EDT (USA, New York), 9:30 IST (India, Chennai), 6PM CET (Germany)

Saturday, 17th October at 7 PM AEDT (Australia, Canberra), 9:30 IST (India, Chennai), 10 AM CET (Germany)