Hello and Namasté

All human beings have Chakras and energy systems in their body and around them, no matter what they believe or what their religion is.

We distinguish main-chakras and side-chakras, which are connected through the Nadis. So when we look at the Nadi System, we see at least one 120.000 Nadis. All these Nadis and Chakras are working in us all the time, although we do not know them, or we do not believe that they exist. They are just running naturally in our body.

It is like breathing air in and out. You do not even think about it, but you do it anyway and the Chakras are working in exactly the same way.

In the Indian tradition, as well as in other traditions, there is a well-known science about this power, the power of the Chakras, the power to gain awareness, and how to activate it. Each Chakra is also connected to an organ, to vital functions, and to mental and spiritual vibrations and powers.

Once we connect really strongly with our Chakras to higher divine vibrations, we feel the power, the power in us where we connect energy directly from the higher divine vibrations into our physical body, so that we see how this energy flows within us. We can feel this vibration which is called Kundalini Shakti.

Even though each chakra is significant I personally think that two of the most important Chakras are the Heart Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra.

If we do not have an open Root Chakra we are not really grounded on earth.

Without a strong Sacral Chakra, we cannot activate our power.

If we do not have a powerful Heart Chakra, we miss feeling unconditional love, we do not feel love, and we cannot trust.

A closed Throat Chakra is responsible for the fact that we cannot connect the mind and heart, and we cannot speak aloud.

If our Third Eye is closed, we cannot see into the future, we are in our mind all the time, and we do not get inspired.

And finally, with a closed Crown Chakra, we are not connected to the divine.


As you see every Chakra is highly important. But the most important and mighty Chakras are the Third Eye and the Heart Chakra. When we open our Third Eye and the Heart Chakra, we can be aware of everything around us. We feel connected, and we feel that we are much more than our body. We can sense the vibrations, and we can experience the connection with everything, the oneness with everything.

That is divine bliss. When that bliss comes within us we can do a better service to the world, because we feel one with everything and we stop to feel separated. That gives the feeling of being home. The loneliness, that many people feel, is transforming and huge divine blessings are initiated in us.


One way to achieve that vibration is to spend a longer period of time in complete darkness.

I facilitate darkness retreats in our Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram here in the Black Forest in Germany. People chose to stay between three and fourteen days in complete silence. They also can talk, but most people are in silence. Through that full darkness, the Third Eye is triggered.

After a while, people start to see light, experience deep feelings, and they recognize the illusions which are running in their life and around them.


Once you feel that there is a chance of getting deep realizations, you are connecting to other dimensions and other real experiences, soul experiences, which are not explainable in your mind. It might be possible to connect with loved ones, who have already passed away and with the souls who tell you something.

When the Third Eye is opening up your experience a different kind of mindset. You might see your past life, even the future life or you see things that would happen in the future. The mind is changing and it is not the only controller anymore. A bigger picture is happening.

But nevertheless without the Heart Chakra, without diving deeply into the heart vibrations, we cannot see, and we cannot feel that love and union. It is very important to act ethically and to act also in oneness with everything which is around us, because that is the truth.


The truth is that we are not separate and in reality, we are all connected with everything. Once we are realizing that the critical mass of the human population is reaching that state of consciousness, the whole earth can transform and will transform into a very special and beautiful planet, where everybody accepts everybody, where we have a lot of support, love, and caring.

A lot of high empath divine vibrations are connecting to us.

Without having an open heart, we are in big trouble, even with a big heart.

When we’re having a powerful Root Chakra, which is connected to strong will and high achievements, we could be very hard workers, but we might not achieve that consciousness level that we all need when we really want to feel unity, bliss, and happiness, which everybody wants to experience in their lifes.

That is the path of the Yogis, the path of the truthers, and the path of the mystics. The mystics are asking “Who I am”. I am more than my body. I am more than I’m thinking. I’m more than I’m achieving, I’m more than the role I’m playing. I’m more like a lighter. I’m more than a mother, a father, a kid, a sister, a brother, a lover. I’m more than my job. I’m more than what people think I am.


Once we are realizing that we are in this world, but the same time we are out of this world, that attachment and detachment at the same time will allow us to experience deeper feelings, experience strong vibrations, and help us to make decisions that are more heart-and-soul-based than the mind.

Many empathic souls who have already gifts, being psychic about being sensitive, don’t know how to connect that energy into strength and into power, because once you see or feel things, you might get overwhelmed. You might get sad about the world we live in. You might feel the pain of the world, what we do to nature, what we do to other human beings, and the animal kingdom.

That broken heart, I feel personally, is part of a spiritual journey as well. How can we have real compassion and love if we don’t even experience that in ourselves? If we don’t feel that something is wrong?


I can feel and I believe that all real healers somehow have a big broken heart. At the same time, we have to learn how to transform that broken heart into power. When we know how to change that broken heart into the unconditional divine fire, it helps us to achieve that energy, to vibrate higher, and to change our vibrations and that vibrations around us. That is so important because once we are empathic and at the same time empired, there is a different energy starting in us, there is some purpose. Then we become spiritual light warriors.

It’s like a lion who was deeply asleep and is waking up. Right now there is a time, a lot of lions awakening.
Are you one of these lions?

Yours, Bharati